Comic books are not art :(

Comic books aren't art anymore. Not DC comics, anyway, or Marvel either. They've proven that conclusively, with the respective cancellations of variant covers for Spider-Woman #1 (by Milo Manara) and Batgirl #41. I initally ignored the controversy around the Manara Spider-Woman cover, because I had no reason to care: I don't read Spider-Woman, and I studiously avoid manufactured outrage whenever possible.

Rating my Kickstarters

My Rating Criteria

  • Did they make their release date, or at least come close?
  • Did the project deliver what was promised?
  • Did the developer keep their backers in the loop during the process?

The Order of the Stick Reprint Drive A-

This article is "important"

Alright, let's talk about Trayvon Martin

I realize that the image attached to this article may offend you, dear reader. I understand. But it's the best image I could find to sum up the overall reaction to the George Zimmerman aquittal on social media, and it's a good introduction to what I want to talk about today: trolling. But this is a heavy subject, so let's start with a joke:

What's the difference between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman? Zimmerman dodged a bullet.

No? How about this?

On the topic of black racism...

The following is something I've been meaning to write/publish since November of last year. It percolated in my mind for months, and while I finished this draft months ago, I've been loathe to let it see the light of day until now. It has some rough edges, and I may indeed decide to add (or subtract) from it later, and I'm hoping that by publishing it today I can open up a conversation.

CHAPTER ONE: Cornel West & Obama in Blackface

Iron Man 3: Less Iron, More Man

A lot of the commentary on Iron Man 3 has focused on the portrayal of the Mandarin. In the interest of not beating a dead horse, I will keep my focus elsewhere, at least to start. In the interest of keeping this brief, I'll start by answering the big question: Is Iron Man 3 any good?

And so, the great ARPG war begins

Three days ago, Diablo III launched. All day on the 14th you could paddle a goddamn raft through the rivers of drool emanating from gamers hyped for the next big AAA release, a game that had been so long in the making, from one of the most beloved developers in PC gaming. Fuck consumer rights, and any other quibble about the always-online nature of the game, this was nostalgia. People who hadn't touched the Diablo franchise since the first one (really?

Second Thoughts on Diablo III / Looking ahead to Wasteland 2

It has occurred to me, as I've been discussing this issue with my friends, that in a way Diablo III's business plan is basically the same as Guild Wars. It's a pretend single-player game that is really a free-to-play MMO that requires you to buy the base software, in return for having no ads. This isn't quite as egregious, and if Diablo III were being marketed more as an MMO I don't think I would have been irked in the first place.

Why I have a problem with Diablo III

Today, after a seemingly endless wait, Blizzard announced the official release date of Diablo III as May 15, 2012. This is almost perfect timing, as I had been thinking about Diablo III quite a bit lately, after watching someone play the beta at an Internet cafe recently. It looks incredible, and Blizzard has a strong reputation for gameplay quality. So strong, in fact, that the only people who bitch about Blizzard games are their own fans, because they've been so thoroughly spoiled.


This is yet another attempt by me to set up a website for myself. Assuming that work, leisure, and laziness allow, I will be adding a lot more content to this site in the coming months.

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